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Waste - in income

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  • in the Republican forest selection and seed-growing center to a heating season specially do not prepare fuel. And it is not surprising, because the stock of waste from the processing of cones is more than enough to spend all the cold months without costs, in warmth and comfort.

    — the volume of waste of the cones remaining after processing is enough for heating of the building, also remains, — Maxim Gerasimenko, the leading mechanical engineer of the center told "BLG". - Heat transfer at a lump is higher, than at wood chips and firewood. During the season we burn up to 75 tons of cones.

    in the boiler center work alternately four operators, they control the operation of an automatic boiler with a capacity of 250 kW. Single loading hopper-20 cubic meters, and enough of this volume for three days continuous furnace. By the way, this year the center plans to process 103 tons of timber seeds.

    Author: Natalia ZLITAN, Photos Valeriya KHARCHENKO

    Monday, 26 February 2018 Written by Belarusian forest newspaper

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