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On the propagation in vitro of blueberry blue

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  • The North American berry crop, narrow-leaved blueberry ( Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.), is rather rare in the Republic of Belarus, but at the same time promising for our climatic conditions. in the biotechnology laboratory RLSSTS.

    Blueberry narrow-leaved low-growing shrub (0.5-0.7 m), undemanding to soil conditions (preferring acidic soil pH - 2.5-4.0), characterized by high winter hardiness. An interesting feature is that this species is able to form new shoots from dormant buds located on rhizomes. Therefore, over time, a continuous berry cover is formed.

    Fruits of narrow-leaved blueberry, due to the presence of a significant number of monosaccharides, are suitable for feeding diabetic patients. Antioxidants that make up the berries, not only slow down the aging process, but also contribute to the prevention of diseases of the circulatory and nervous systems.

    Currently, in the biotechnology laboratory of the RLSTs, 3 varieties of narrow-leaved blueberry are introduced into the culture of in vitro : Motego, Polovchanka, Yanka registered in the State Register . RLLSC accepts applications for the cultivation of planting material of the above varieties.

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