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Valentin Shatravko: «The State of the nursery is the face of the chief Forester…»

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  • In Belarus, it is necessary to reduce the area of ​​uncovered land and improve the quality of forest crops created. This opinion was expressed by the First Deputy Minister of Forestry Valentin Shatravko during the republican seminar on improving the efficiency of nursery farming.

    According to him, every year the leskhoz pays considerable attention to improving the technology and agricultural practices of planting material. At the same time, the weather and climatic conditions of the last years, their consequences, compel today to more actively develop the nursery farm. In particular, we are talking about creating forest cultures that are resistant to adverse factors, expanding the range of farmed species, and improving their mixing schemes.

    “The recent events that are happening here - this is climate change, the invasion of pests - forces us to think about what we have to create today in order to have decent forests tomorrow. What we have today is the merit of past generations of foresters. We understand that what they have created for us deserves universal gratitude, but we must make maximum efforts to ensure that after us the forests remain even better than they are. Therefore, starting with the nursery farm, starting with the cultivation of planting material, we must build the technologies of creation, taking into account the experience that is and, of course, advanced technologies, ”said Valentin Shatravko.

    The first deputy minister also focused on the need to reduce the area of ​​uncovered land. According to Valentin Shatravko, our country went more than one year to the level of forest cover at 39.8% - today it is important to take all the necessary measures to increase it. But the reforestation should be carried out taking into account adverse factors.

    “We need to expand the range of farmed species — maple, elm, ash, and other species that are more resistant to the effects of climate change. It is also necessary to improve the scheme of mixing of forest crops: use not 2, but 3 deciduous species, so that our stands are more sustainable. In this regard, it is important to grow quality planting material, to work out technologies for growing planting material with a closed root system, ”said Valentin Shatravko.

    Summing up the seminar, the first deputy minister also noted that the state of the nursery today, in fact, is the face of the main forester. According to how well the work will be done there, we can talk about the professionalism of specialists.

    Thursday, 06 June 2019 Written by The Ministry of forestry of the Republic of Belarus

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